Davido “Flora My Flower” . . Video Of The Year 2018?

Check the facts and if you choose, fictionalize it but Davido had a great year in 2017. In the year he scored the biggest hit on the African continent, bagged several accolades and witnessed the successes of his signee and cousin. He must have been indeed happy after seeing how great his December concert turned out to be.

2018 looks like it going to be a trying year for him because he would have to work harder not to fall behind. Interestingly, he has hit his stride already barely two months into the year. Numerous chart-topping collaborations already and he just put out his first official single of the year and it is buzzing everywhere. The visual to the song hit the internet some couple of days ago and it is already raking in maaaadd number of views.

TX team members decided to review the video to Davido’s Flora My Flawa.

Here is what we think about it. Read and remember to drop interesting comments below.


@ibironketweets If any man finds love and keeps it for 30 years+ (forever), that man is truly blessed. Davido is a truly blessed man in the ‘Flora My Flawa’ video and you’d understand his musings for a forever-long kind of love, if you follow his social media activities. You’d come to understand that Chioma, his girlfriend, is the fire in his loins. A wealthy man cannot be happier than being with the woman he loves.

Davido loves that lady even more than he enjoys being the son of the wealthy Adeleke. He loves her more than he loves being OBO. You’d expect that a man with his level of success, wealth and popularity would be exposed to all sort of admirers who might turn to gossips or naysayers to threaten his relationship but Davido is saying his ‘Flora’ (or Chioma) has an unshakable trust in him which would sustain their love for long decades even when he’s no longer the youthful and energetic OBO.

The narrative in the video is deeply touching and inspiring, the acting is almost excellent especially with the performances of the Nollywood greats and the technical aspect of the visuals – the recording, editing and presentation – clearly has the professional touch befitting of such essential piece.

It is clear that Davido pays attention to detail and must be commended for striving for excellence even when there is abundance of resources that comes with the risk of ignorantly accepting and settling for mediocre outputs. No doubt, this video is the first to make my list of potential video of the year.

Rating – 4.5/5


@dahnielz First of all, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the effort Davido and his team put in churning out good materials.

David has a track record of shooting dramatic or should I say story-telling visuals; from Aye to Skelewu, Dodo and Fall, all of these were properly planned videos.

It goes without saying that this song is all shades of cupid; the lyricism takes love to a whole new level. The lines almost feel like it was not written by OBO but then, who cares? This is a dope song.

However, all the credits should not go to Davido alone, Clarence Peters never seizes to impress when it comes to cinematography and it is no fluke that he is arguably the best in the industry.

All-in-all this is definitely a ‘video of the year’ contender.

Rating – 4/5

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