“I’m Working On Collaborating With Asa” – Brymo

It is common knowledge that Brymo takes a strict stance as regards music collaboration, but the singer revealed to BBC Yoruba that he would make an exception for Asa. He said that he would like to work with the revered female singer.

“I have spoken to Asa’s handlers. What remains is to set it up.

“She is the one person who I can collaborate. What she talks about — love, social issues, everyday issues — are things that matter to me.

“I had important things to talk about. It is hard to bring someone who doesn’t know my thought process to collaborate on such a song.

“Many of my colleagues collaborate because of positioning. There is so much politics involved in collaboration so I chose to sing alone.

I have collaborated in the past but I was not satisfied with the outcome”, he said.

The singer who is currently promoting his 6th sixth album titled ‘Oso’, said that music collaboration in Nigeria is more of politics and traction rush, than it is about music.

“If you look at it well, many people like KSA, KWAM 1, Ayinde Barrister and other indigenous musicians hardly collaborate”.

“Abroad too, people like Adele, Coldplay and Bruno Mars record albums alone,he said.

Still on the BBC Yoruba interview, Brymo responded to critics on why he choose to appear nude in his ‘Heya’ music video. He said,

“The video is for people to see that were backward and need to change.

“I was not happy that people said I did something wrong. It means people have forgotten where we came from.”

“I am a bushman, still living in a world made possible by the West. I, like other Africans, are just existing and not responsible for technological advancements and innovations.

“We have not contributed to the world. We don’t solve problems or create solutions.”

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