Kiss Daniel’s “4Dayz” – Not Exactly His Best . . My Thoughts

Girl I am loving you 4dayz,
Anytime you call my name, e be like I dey craze…

Specially treated, is how Nigerians handle Kiss Daniel. We love him so much that we accept every of his offerings with love and cheerfulness whether it’s a love song, a party jam or  a 90s inspired tune. Kiss Daniel belongs to the rare species of artistes that can be considered “can-do-no-wrong.” He is the darling of the Nigerian music industry and that’s why he received mass sympathy in his legal battle with former label, G-Worldwide. But despite the troubled situation, he manages to release a starter for the year in the form of 4Dayz .

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@dahnielz After playing around sultry lyrics on two of his 3 previous singles, Vado is back at singing love songs, which undoubtedly is what he knows how to do best. ‘4Dayz’, is a well-timed song. Love is certainly is in the air now and Boy Kiss is not dulling the season. Looking at Daniel’s delivery, one thing has changed; this is a singer who is experiencing freedom, creatively speaking.

Kiss Daniel has now worked with 3 different producers since he became an independent artiste. Could this have contributed to the improvement on his sound? Absolutely!

However, the singer needs to know that he is under scrutiny and will be judged objectively based on his offerings. For someone who has a lot to prove, Kiss Daniel is not doing bad so far.

Big ups to Runtinz for keeping it 100 on this as well.

Not exactly his best, but it’s still a decent record.

Rating – 3.5/5


@ibironketweets Really, listening to a song from a laptop speaker and using a quality earplug isn’t the same experience. I mean, I almost missed out on the brilliance stuffed into this love-themed record.

Kiss Daniel’s lyrical composition on this song fuels some poetic emotion. His message feels so pure and believable that it tempts you to link the lines with your love life and imagine that you deserve a love like the one he sings of on the song. A line like “be careful baby you’re my kryptonite, made an image of Tania Omotayo suddenly appear in my head with me imagining I was singing to her, that deep and emotional line, in a way that she ignored my unsexy voice and focused on the sincerity in those words.

That’s what Kiss Daniel’s 4Dayz could do to you, it can quickly increase your yearning for love directly from its origin in the Garden of Eden, where everything feels so natural. It’s the best love song I’ve listened to in a while, even though I often listen to Ed Sheeran, Adele and John Legend.

Rating – 5/5

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