M.I Abaga Wins First Headies ‘Lyricist On The Roll’ Award

Since his 2008 breakout, M.I Abaga has maintained a rare form of consistency that has kept him on the Hip-hop chairman’s seat even till this day. The Chocolate City rapper has recorded several successes including multiple awards but the Headies ‘Lyricist on the roll’ award remained elusive until yesterday.

After a decade of making Hip-hop records, M.I Abaga finally won the Headies ‘Lyricist on the roll’ award at the 12th edition of the award ceremony, which held at the Convention Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites on Saturday, 5th of May, 2018.

The Chocolate City man has missed out on the award on several occasions and he has expressed his frustration at losing out on the award in some of his songs. In a song titled ‘NotJustOk/Savage‘ on his Illegal Music III mix tape,  he expressed his frustration using the line,

“To the headies wassup wassup
You my fam tho I wish you the best of luck
You’ve been a blessing to the game to lots of us
But that lyricist award mehn we got to talk
Not tryna say I deserve the plan
Cause I f*ck with everyone who emerged in that
The criteria of the win it doesn’t favour the men
Spitting new raw shit that’s word and facts
Speaking from the heart ma pace maker
Ain’t scared of ruffling feathers if it may save the
Game one more time let’s just do it
End of the day mehn it’s just music”

M.I Abaga would fulfill accomplished now that he claimed the previously elusive award at the 12th Headies Award for his controversial single titled ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.‘ He also won the award for ‘Best Rap Single’ on the memorable night.

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