According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), as at 2015, 35% of working age Nigerians are involved in a form of entrepreneurship. This is projected to increase significantly in the next 3 years considering the unemployment/underemployment rate in the country.
A huge portion of these entrepreneurs are involved in the multimedia industry especially photography and cinematography. These are important aspects of the event industry in Nigeria which is currently worth an estimated value of $300 million.
Photographers and cinematographers are creative artists and innovators who preserve memories and breathe life into events. Besides this, they are crucial to commercial activities including marketing, branding and media relations. With the current technological progression, the art of photography and cinematography has been greatly heightened and cannot be set aside.

The Purpose of Nigerian Photo-Cinema Exposition 2021 (“The NPC Expo 2021”), is an event set to showcase the incredible talents within the photography and cinematography sector in the Nigerian multimedia industry. The exposition will bring together professionals in photo-cinematography in Nigeria for three days of learning, unlearning, sharing and getting in touch with the latest innovation and trends in the photo-cinematography industry.

The exposition will provide a platform for attendees to learn from industry experts in Nigeria and also form new and lasting relationships with other industry professionals.


I. To provide the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to interact and learn from experienced professionals within the industry.

II. To promote the art and act of photography and cinematography

III. To expose beginners to the importance of technology in photo-cinematography and enlighten them on technological advancements.

IV. To give professionals the opportunity to learn, unlearn, relearn

V. To highlight the business and commercial aspect of photo-cinematography.

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