April 25, 2018


After the successful maiden edition of the Blingz Event Awards which aimed at rewarding exceptional performances in other to inspire the coming generation to improve their own performances, we discovered that the event and entertainment industry in Ibadan is lacking a lot, and this industries have become an important means of developing other states.

Since our aim is to affect the next generation positively, we decided to inspire the next generation with the winners they believed, nominated and voted for, with a FREE conference tagged UNRIDDLE, as a social responsibility to provide solutions, opportunities and networking for the improvement of the event and entertainment industry.

The first edition took place at Mauve 21 on the 18th of September 2018, offered solution to different challenges faced by entrepreneurs when it comes to business, branding and event management amongst many other things. The event also catered for those who are interested in learning from industry experts, seasoned professionals and social influencers.

The convener of the conference, Akintola Ayinde also presented awards to the panelists and the moderators while those who attended the event gave thanks to the brand for organizing the event as it answered their questions and pointed them in the right direction. One common comment on the lips of everyone in attendance was CLASS!