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Hillix Entertainment launched yesterday and they signed on  Kings Live Band and they are also looking at dancers, comedians, content providers, media personalities, paint artists, Deejays to join the train, we had a chart with the head of A&R of the entertainment company.


Kindly introduce yourself to us.

Ans: My name is Mr Opeyemi Adebola-Walter. I am the head A&R of Hillix Entertainment. I’m also an experiential and digital marketing strategist and an aspiring public office holder.

By Public Office Holder do you mean Governor or President or perhaps Local Government Chairman?

Ans: *chuckles* I want to effect change in the way things are done in the country so I’m looking at vying for a seat at the Legislative Arm of Government.

Okay o, you’ve obviously encased it all in grammar. So tell us, what is Hillix Entertainment?

Ans: Hillix Entertainment is a company that aims to help discover talent both young and old and create opportunity for them to express talent. We discover, grow, expose and commercialize talent. It’s a talent management organization and we are also looking at opening the record label arm which will cover music and video production. Hillix Entertainment is actually a unit company of Hillix Communications, a marketing communications company.

How many talents have you discovered so far and what are your immediate plans for them?

Ans: We just launched yesterday and we signed on a live band named Kings Band. They’re into live music. They do covers and also create original music. Discovering talent is not limited to music alone. We are also looking at dancers, comedians, content providers, media personalities, paint artists, Deejays etc. Our A&R team is seriously on the lookout for more talent. Right now, the immediate plan is to groom, brand and market these talents.



What unique factor do you hope to bring into the industry?

Ans: Like I said at the press conference for the launch of the company, access is the greatest gift you can give to anyone and a lot of talented young individuals out there seek access to an audience of one or many. What we are bringing into the talent management industry is this ACCESS that is required by many including trainings along with career and financial counseling.

What prompted you to sign Kings Band as your first act?

Ans: We’ve watched the Kings Band over time and discovered that first, there’s this determination to succeed and once an individual is determined to succeed, skills sharpening will come into play. Over time we’ve seen them exhibit this in their own little way and we’ve decided to open them up to a larger audience. Coupled with their talent and dexterity when it comes to delivering their services, we strongly believe that they’re a perfect fit for our goals.

Where do you see Hillix Entertainment in 5 years?

Ans: Well, umm, our vision is to be the leading entertainment service provider in Africa. Our mission is to marry innovation, dexterity and excellence in the provision of entertainment and entertainment platforms. So in the next 5 years we want to be seen as a company that came into the industry and changed the game for the better. We wouldn’t want to blow our own trumpet, so be on the lookout and you’ll see what wonders we have in store.

Speaking of changing the game, what would you like to change in the Talent Management/Entertainment industry?

Ans: Most talent management organizations go into the business with the aim of making money and exploiting these talents. As a game changer, our sole aim is to groom and nurture these talents. We want to show them how it should be done and this means we’re not just doing something different but we’ll get other industry players to follow our lead and play the game the right way!

So how soon do we expect to see the record label and the music and video production arm come alive?

Ans: We have plans and part of our plan is to make a success of the talent management arm. Every other thing will be built on its success. So give or take… err… I wouldn’t want to be specific; it might take a couple of months or a few years. Rest assured it’s in the pipelines.

Alright Mr. Walter, can you tell us who your favorite artist in the industry is?

Ans: Heheheheh… That’s a very tricky one. I would say every artist is unique in whatever they do. For someone with a music inclination or background, I have the understanding that a lot of work goes into the act but I listen to Kiss Daniel, Simi, Adekunle Gold and a couple of others. Nigerian artists are doing really well and I’m happy to be a part of this industry.


Thank you very much sir, it was nice having you around.





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